Perry Teacher Quality Committee

The Teacher Quality Committee responsibilities are to monitor the local implementation of the Student Achievement and Teacher Quality program and determine the use and distribution of the professional learning funds based on the school district, attendance center, and individual teacher professional learning plans (ITPDP).

All professional learning plans, including district, building, and individual plans, must be aligned with the Iowa Professional Development Model as outlined in Iowa Code Chapter 284.6.  Per Iowa Code, professional learning plans must contain the following:

  • Support that meets the career development of individual teachers and is aligned with the Iowa Teaching Standards;
  • Research-based instructional strategies aligned with the school district’s student achievement needs and the long-range improvement goals established by the district;
  • Instructional improvement components including student achievement data, analysis, theory, classroom demonstration and practice, technology integration, observations, reflection, and peer coaching.

Allowable expenditures of SF 277 professional development funds do not include items such as mandatory trainings (e.g. blood-borne pathogens, mandatory reporter training, etc.), parent-teacher conference days, teachers preparing in their classrooms (work days), staff orientations, or time spent preparing grades/report cards/lesson plans.

Agendas and Minutes from Committee Meetings

Teacher Quality Agenda for 10/12/2023
Teacher Quality Minutes for 10/12/2023

Teacher Quality Agenda for 11/2/22
Teacher Quality Minutes for 11/2/22

Teacher Quality Agenda for 11/2/2021
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Teacher Quality Agenda for 9/9/2020
Teacher Quality Minutes for 9/9/2020

Teacher Quality Agenda for 5/20/20
Teacher Quality Minutes for 5/20/20

Teacher Quality Agenda for 12/10/19
Teacher Quality Minutes for 12/10/19

Teacher Quality Agenda for 10/16/18
Teacher Quality Minutes for 10/16/18

Teacher Quality Agenda for 5/22/2018
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Teacher Quality Agenda for 5/14/2018
Teacher Quality Minutes for 5/14/2018

Teacher Quality Agenda for 4/11/2018
Teacher Quality Minutes for 4/11/2018