Academics & Assessment

Our goal is to ensure learning for all students. Ensuring learning means that all students are showing evidence of progress in the essential skills and concepts found in the Iowa Core. Two key questions are, "What do we want all students to learn, know, and be able to do?" and "How will we know they have learned it?" This page focuses on the first question.

The Iowa Core identifies precisely what we want all students to learn, know, and be able to do from kindergarten through 12th grade in math, science, English language arts and social studies. The Iowa Core also sets learning goals for 21st Century skills in areas such as financial and technological literacy. The Iowa Core is a set of common expectations for school districts across the state. It is not a curriculum, so decisions about how to help students meet learning goals remain in the hands of local schools and teachers.

Some useful websites include is a digital repository of teaching and learning resources. The repository provides an environment for educators and students to search for, use and share quality educational resources. The majority of the resources are open to everyone, some resources are licensed only for Iowa educators and students. Educators can access licensed material by logging into using their Iowa AEA Online building Username/Password information. Note: Educators, you will need to add a "dr" in front of your Iowa AEA Online Password.