About PCSD

Perry Community School District is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Des Moines. Serving approximately 1,785 students, our diversity, community support and size, make Perry a great place to raise a family. A tradition of excellence combined with a small-town feel provides endless opportunities. Welcome!


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Perry schools would love for you to give a shout out of kindness to somebody in the district. If you click the link below you can submit an idea and it will be sent to a moderator to be okayed to be put on the site. Please do not submit your name for recognition, it will not be included. Only anonymous and positive messages will be included.
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Learn about the Perry Schools Apprenticeship Program
Become a teacher or a paraprofessional for little to no cost.

Student Illness Update - Perry Schools Health Department
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GoGuardian Beacon

GoGuardian Beacon is a proactive approach that allows school counselors and administrators to provide support, guidance, and resources for students struggling with mental health issues.

For information about GoGuardian Beacon and all of the mental health services provided by each school building - Click Here