Elementary TAG

Welcome to the Elementary TAG web page!

The mission of the Perry Elementary Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program is to provide equitable and comprehensive services for all students identified as demonstrating or showing potential for exceptional abilities among all socioeconomic and cultural groups. Our program addresses both cognitive and social-emotional needs, moving students toward their individual potential.

We accomplish this mission through:
   • early enrichment and equitable identification using multiple criteria,
   • qualitatively differentiated services designed to meet those exceptional needs,
   • individualized programming in the student’s identified area of giftedness and   advocacy on behalf of identified gifted learners.

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Here are some photos of recent TAG activities.
TAG students' e-presentation
After reading and analyzing the autobiography of Rosa Parks, TAG students created an e-presentation to explain the impact of her life and the Civil Rights Movement on the world.

First grade TAG and math
First grade math students predicted the area of various shaped targets and then determined the actual area using 1 inch by 1 inch unit tiles. Learners then chose the target that would increase the chances of winning a game which requires throwing a ball to hit the target. Students had to defend their choice.

Third grade TAG
Third grade students created a number line from 0-10,000. They were given 11 note cards, a piece of string, tape, and a marker. They problem solved, used logical reasoning, and number sense to solve this problem. The number line was then used to post locations from around the world that are writing 10,000 miles from Perry, Iowa. Learners used a world map and calculators as well as solved additional math computation and analysis questions.