Professional Learning Opportunities & Resources

Increase your learning about learning and teaching:

  • Annenberg Learner provides more than 100 multimedia courses and workshops to help teachers keep current on the content they teach. Professional development resources provide teachers with research on the most effective teaching strategies along with their connection to national education content standards, and examples of these principles applied in real classrooms. The video components are paired with extensive Web sites that include online texts, course and workshop guides, and extensive background information to enhance the learning experience.
  • ASCD webinars - ASCD's free webinar series brings experts in the field of education to a computer near you. Our webinars address timely and relevant topics like the Common Core State Standards, 21st century learning strategies, and closing the achievement gap. We archive each webinar, so you will never have to miss one!
  • Atomic Learning is dedicated to providing educational resources that allow educators, students, and learners of all ages to embrace technology.  Atomic Learning’s online training solutions answer “How do I do that?” questions through a library of thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies, and address “How do I apply that?” challenges through structured projects and workshops.
  • Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning is absolutely the best resource for helping teachers with behavior problems in preschool children. There are training modules for staff development and lots of practice resources for teachers. This is the best place to go for information on teaching children social and emotional skills. Although it is geared to preschool, many of the ideas are appropriate with elementary school children as well.
  • Edutopia is an amazing website devoted to transforming learning. It focuses on the core strategies of Project-Based Learning, Integrated Studies, Comprehensive Assessment, and Social and Emotional learning, Technology Integration, and Teacher Development. There are videos, blog, classroom guides and a section on Schools That Work. It’s a wonderful community of educators who share their talents and ideas.
  • The Flipped Learning Network  provides educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning.  The goals of the FLN are to provide professional learning opportunities on Flipped Learning; to conduct, collaborate and disseminate relevant research on Flipped Learning; and to act as the clearinghouse for distributing best and promising practices for current and future “flipped” educators.
  • IRIS Center provides an extensive array of interactive multimedia modules that focus on children with disabilities. They also have Case Studies, Activities, Information Briefs, and Podcasts. Also in Spanish. This is one of my favorite sites because of the wide variety of topics and the practical, commonsense way they put research into practice. All age groups.
  • PBS Teacher Line provides courses designed to improve instructional skills, master new content, and expand your professional credentials.
  • Teachers Network website and online mentors at Ever wish you could ask an accomplished teacher for help creating lessons, setting up your classroom, or handling a tough teaching dilemma?  You've got help here.
  • Teacher's First, Ok2Ask - Welcome to OK2Ask®, a series of live, online "snack sessions" (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration.
  • Teaching Channel is my newest favorite site. It’s hard to find high-quality free videos of exemplary teaching, but they do it! There is a wide range of videos, lesson plans and other resources. They are adding new videos all the time and if you sign up for a free membership you can get notified by email when there are new ones on topics you choose. All age groups.
  • Teacher's Domain -- Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. You’ll find thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities.
  • Websites that provide reviews of iPAD apps -- This link provides access to a Google doc listing several web addresses for sites that provide reviews of applications for iPADs, iPhones, and other devices that use them.