Enrichment Lessons

Here can be found examples of Enrichment lessons that have been taught at Perry Middle School. These lessons are generally done with a small group of identified students within the regular classroom. These are done in collaboration with the regular classroom teacher, so students miss as little as possible. One goal we have with Enrichment lessons is to provide more challenging work, not simply more work.

6th grade science - Students learn about sound waves and their interactions. Students first complete the required reading and questions about the reading, then spend time with a couple high-level labs. The first compares the range of human hearing to that of different animals. The other tasks students to figure out which high and low frequency sounds may be heard from a distance and why that is.

6th grade math - Students learn about ratios and proportions. High-ability mathematicians participate in an activity which tasks them to create a 20 meter long map of the United States. Students first measure distances between Perry and major U.S. cities in an atlas. Then, using ratios and proportions, students decide where each city needs to be on the huge map and how many kilometers away it actually is. 

7th grade reading – The Hunger Games novel was greatly compacted down in reading time, and then time is used towards activities and projects that add depth to the novel (researching a real-world connection to Hunger Games, like Censorship, Surveillance, or the Pervasiveness of Entertainment).

th grade science – Students far ahead of others pulled out to undertake activity and project on complex food webs and the interactions between animals there. Students researched what would happen if all mosquitoes were eradicated.

8th grade reading - Students read through each novel at their own pace, then those high-ability readers discuss deep, meaningful questions about the literature with the TAG teacher.