District Reports

Each school year the Perry Community School District submits an Annual Progress Report (APR) to the community, board, and State of Iowa. This report, required under Iowa law, is intended to inform the community and state on how well we are doing in meeting the goals that have been set. APRs for the current school year, as well as previous school years, can be found by clicking on the link to the left.

In addition, school districts are required to have a Consolidated Accountability and Support Application, or CASA, on file with the Iowa Department of Education. This report replaces the Consolidated or C-Plan which was required under No Child Left Behind. Copies of Perry's C-Plan can be found using the link to the left. 

Beginning in 2016-17, the Iowa Dept. of Education is implementing a new system for monitoring school districts. This system is called the Differentiated Accountability System. This plan consists of a desk audit that all school districts complete and submit to the Iowa DE in the fall. Based on the desk audit, teams from the Iowa DE visit districts that need additional support from January through May.

Previously, each school district in Iowa received an official site visit by a team from the Iowa Department of Education once every five years. During this visit, the team examined school documents, visited each school, and interviewed a variety of groups over a 3-5 day period. The team checked for compliance with state education law and looked for ways that the district and schools might improve. At the conclusion of the visit, the site visit team prepared a report documenting their findings. Copies of Perry's reports from previous visits can be found using the link to the left.

Last, at least once every five years, school districts are required to conduct a district-wide needs assessment. Our last one was conducted in two parts from October through December 2014.  First, all parents in the district were asked to complete a survey during parent/teacher conferences in October. Then, a survey was made available to the district community through several different community newspapers. Survey results were compiled and a summary of the findings can be found by using the links to the left.