Links for Learning More about Virtual Reality

 These are links to sites featuring virtual reality animations. Blender is the FREE software that students use in VREP. This is a commercial made for VREP by VREP students in 2013. The students created everything in it! These videos were created by Alec Dalton, a student in VREP.  The Nature Academy provides tutorials and resources for creating nature scenes that look like photographs. Be sure to check out their trailer. These animations were all created using Blender, the program our students are using.  This light show was created using Blender.

These are links to businesses that use virtual reality. Check out their galleries. Demonstratives' team of Ph.D. experts, artists, and animators is the litigation industry’s premier animation services provider.  Nearly all Demonstratives staff members have been creating litigation graphics for over 15 years. The case studies provide examples of how virtual reality can be used in courtrooms to prove points. Grass horse Animation and Virtual Effects Studio, located in Winfield, Iowa produces a variety of animations, visual effects, and graphics services. Eon Sports provides cutting edge sports training using virtual reality. Be sure to check out the football and baseball simulations!